11 Kitchen Storage Ideas to Make Your Small Space Easier to Cook In

The fight for kitchen storage space is never-ending. Whether you’re stuck with a tiny apartment kitchen that barely has room for your minuscule spice jars or you’re in a sprawling suburban kitchen but happen to have an outsize gadget collection, you’ve almost certainly found yourself trying to somehow summon extra space out of thin air more times than you’d like to admit. Though we don’t know any true magic spells to conjure extra square footage, we have figured out a few storage tricks with the help of our Clever home tours. Read on for only the best inspiration.

Use your window sills

Window sills act like small shelves in this colorful Maine home.

Everyone always talks about wanting a window over their kitchen sink—or at the very least, Big Sean and Justina Blakeney have both spoken on it—and while the desire for a nice view while doing your dishes is fine and dandy, what we appreciate most about a kitchen window is the extra surface area. Sure, it might not be the hack that’ll save the most space in your kitchen, but the window sill offers some extra surface area that you can do whatever you please with. Compared to the precious resource that is the kitchen countertop, you can use the space for decoration guilt free, if you so choose. You could add a framed photo, you could showcase your favorite mugs, or you could just copy homeowner Matthew J.C. Clark’s arrangement. Pictured above, one of Matthew’s kitchen window sills provide a spot for a collection of plants, while the other is used to store fresh fruit and vegetables. They both feature delightful contrasting painted trims too. See? The sill is the perfect spot to add a little personality, and it’ll save your countertop space for the utilitarian stuff.

Hang your pots from the ceiling

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Sam Klemick knew that the lofted bed was going to be key to the apartment. “As soon as I knew I would be moving into this particular space, I wanted to do a lofted bed to utilize the additional space gifted by having such high ceilings,” she says.

Photo: Ye Rin Mok

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