13 Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas for Dressing Up Your Cookspace

While lots of people forgo them, these kitchen window treatment ideas prove they should be a must-have in any cookspace. Much like in a bedroom or living room, window treatments make a kitchen design feel complete. They add warmth and coziness while serving important purposes like providing privacy and diffusing natural light. There are simply no downsides.

Once you’re sold on kitchen window treatments as a concept, the possibilities are endless. You can go with full, floor-to-ceiling kitchen curtains for a dramatic effect or cropped café curtains for extra charm. You can opt for shutters or roller window blinds, bring in patterns or natural materials, or try sheer or opaque fabrics. For more on these kitchen window treatment ideas, plus the answers to some frequently asked questions, keep reading.

Does a kitchen window need a treatment?

That is technically up to you, but we think so, especially if privacy is at stake. It’s unpleasant to have neighbors or strangers peering into your kitchen while you’re cooking or dining with your family, which window treatments can prevent. Plus, kitchens are full of cold, hard surfaces, so fabric window curtains or wood shutters can contribute some much-needed warmth to the space.

What is the best window covering for a kitchen?

There isn’t one best kitchen window treatment. The best covering for your kitchen window depends on its size and how much light it funnels into the room. For large windows, long curtains are often the best window treatment. For smaller windows, café curtains will do the trick. Plus, you must consider opacity—sheer shades usher light in, while shutters are great for keeping it out.

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