27 Small Home Office Ideas That Deliver Big on Style

While the home office used to be something of a luxury (just picture someone referring to their “study”), it’s become a necessity for many. Small home office ideas are crucial for those who are short on space and in need of creative design tricks to make tight spaces work for work-from-home life—like cleverly appointed closets, concealed working quarters, furniture that magically transforms from a TV console, or cabinetry that comes complete with a personal workstation. These small home office decor ideas—from interior design pros around the country—are especially geared toward those with a lack of square footage to help you get the job done in style.

How do you make the most of a small home office space?

The good news is that in the digital age, work areas don’t always require as much square footage as the home offices of yesteryear. “Gone are the days when an office space needed lots of storage and paper filing,” says Brad Ramsey of Nashville’s Brad Ramsey Interiors. “In today’s digital world, with files accessible on the cloud from anywhere, an office space needs to provide a quiet environment to set up a laptop and focus.” Additionally, choosing a compact or wall-mounted desk can make a difference, says Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs in North Richland Hills, Texas. “Use vertical file organizers or wall pockets for documents and office supplies,” she recommends.

What’s the best way to carve out a workstation within a larger living space?

“If you don’t have a dedicated room for a home office, there are lots of alternatives that don’t have to sacrifice style for function,” says Ramsey. “Replacing a bedside table in a guest room with a small writing desk can be one option. Floating a table behind a sofa like you would a console is another attractive approach.” In both cases, he adds, “you can use a table lamp instead of a task lamp to make the vignette seem more decorative and connected to the rest of the room’s aesthetic.” Curtis agrees that intentional styling, as well as furniture arrangement, helps define a workspace. “In the dining room, put a desk where you would normally put a hutch or a credenza,” she says. “An alcove is another opportunity to place a small workstation strategically.”

Read on for a roundup of decor ideas to help make the most of small home office spaces.

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