29 Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas to Totally Transform Your Space

Pearly zellige tiles and graphic marbles may be on trend right now, but as much as we love these en vogue finishes, bathroom wallpaper should not be overlooked. For one, wallpaper costs significantly less than ceramic and stone. It’s also much easier to install, which means you can DIY it, or at least spend less on labor. And the possibilities are endless: For a soft and earthy vibe, consider a fruit motif or a scenic mural in natural hues; to achieve a dark and moody feel, opt for a cloud pattern or an abstract print with deep tones; if you love a bright and bold look, try a large-format floral or an ikat in vibrant colors. Read on for more bathroom wallpaper ideas—plus the answers to your burning bathroom-wallpaper-related questions.

What type of wallpaper is best for a bathroom?

You might be wondering how wallpaper fares against the steam and splashes of a bathroom (and that’s a valid concern). If you’re considering wallpaper for a bathroom with a shower or a tub, look for a vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper, which rarely develops mold because it doesn’t actually contain paper. Plus, its low-tack self-adhesive property makes it easy to remove if you’re a renter or a frequent redecorator.

Traditional wallpaper also works in a bathroom as long as you treat it with decorator’s varnish, which protects it against moisture. You must ensure that all the edges are sealed to avoid any type of damage. There’s less risk of humidity in a powder room, but extra precaution never hurts. Feel free to apply vinyl or varnish there too.

How do I maintain bathroom wallpaper?

To ensure your bathroom wallpaper stays fresh and clean, keep lingering moisture to a minimum. You can accomplish this by using an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier and by opening windows—especially while showering or bathing—as well as by removing damp towels and wiping up any puddles in the room.

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