46 Amazon Gifts for Mom She’ll Actually Treasure

Before you spend hours googling “Best Amazon gifts for Mom,” let’s get one thing out of the way: There is no Mother’s Day gift quite like the half-completed arts and crafts projects you’d bring home from grade school. That being said, you can definitely find her something she’ll use more often. Don’t get caught up on the gift sets of the moment—there are so many gift ideas out there that it’s easy to exhaust yourself with never-ending scrolling.

Keep in mind that Mother’s Day is about all of the moms in your life—she didn’t have to give birth to you to fit that description. Best friends who recently became new moms, single dads who did all of the work, your mother-in-law, that family friend you’ve been calling “mama” since you could speak, and most definitely the mother of your own children, if you have any. They should be celebrated every day, but especially on the second Sunday of May.

No matter who you’re giving a little extra love to this year, we pulled together some of the best gifts on Amazon. Why Amazon, you may ask? First: fast (and often free) shipping—we know you may procrastinate and there’s no shame in last-minute gift shopping. Second: You can find just about anything on the platform. The best part about this roundup? You can revisit it for Valentine’s Day or use it as a jumping-off point for “Mom birthday gifts.” We’re all about efficiency here. Read on for our top picks for the best Mother’s Day gifts, from the best stainless-steel tumbler to a tote she’ll use every day. Just don’t forget to hit that checkout button.

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