8 Best Pillows, Tested and Reviewed (2024)

What’s attractive to you about this pillow? You can tell that it is a very well-made pillow insert. It has a sturdy build and I liked that there were different density options to choose from as I sometimes feel like I’m choosing my pillows blindly, without knowing how soft or firm they’ll be.

What’s it like sleeping on these pillows? Extremely cozy! The medium density was just right for me—I could feel the feathery softness when I put my head down but there was enough sturdiness for my head to feel supported.

Did the pillows live up to your expectations? Yes!

Would you recommend this pillow? I would recommend it to someone who doesn’t want an overly firm pillow but still wants some level of support, and wants that down feel. That said, it is a very expensive pillow! I’m not sure the price tag is worth it as it doesn’t seem drastically better than other medium-firm down pillows I’ve slept on.

Pillow reviewer: Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

Materials and firmness: The Marlow pillow is made out of polyester and shredded memory foam fill that is meant to also be cooling. The shell is 100% cotton. It’s definitely pretty firm and also has an adjustable fill option.

Styles available: The pillow is available in a standard or king size, and discounts are offered on sets of two or more. Because it is designed to be adjustable—sleepers can remove or add filling or use the pillow zipped or unzipped for ideal comfort—it is a one-size-fits-most product.

Care instructions: Marlow recommends spot cleaning only for the pillow.

What kind of sleeper are you? I’m a stomach sleeper and I like a kind of mushy, moldable pillow that feels as little like a pillow as possible.

What was attractive to you about this pillow? I love all things Brooklinen, and when they announced they were launching a pillow brand, I had to check it out!

What’s it like sleeping on these pillows? Being that I like a squishier pillow, Marlow and I were sadly not meant to be in terms of sleeping. That said, I did appreciate the firmer feel when reading or lounging in bed. I always like to keep a few extra pillows around for those hang-around, lazy mornings, and they fit the bill for that.

Did the pillows live up to your expectations? Because I’m firm-pillow-picky, I didn’t anticipate this would be my new everyday pillow, but in terms of being well made and well designed, yes.

Would you recommend this pillow? I’d for sure recommend this adjustable pillow to friends who appreciate more neck support. The price isn’t unreasonable given the amount of detail that went into designing it and the combination of functions, including the antimicrobial and cooling materials, as well as its adaptability.

Pillow reviewer: Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital features editor

Materials and firmness: The pillow is filled with white goose down and has a 100% cotton sateen shell. Even though I tested the firmest option available, it is still relatively soft compared to a foam pillow.

Styles available: Quince offers two sizes (standard and king), as well as two densities (soft/medium and medium/firm). Standard size, medium/firm tested.

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