A 646-Square-Foot Parisian Apartment Exudes a Quiet Elegance

Everything has been carefully planned in the apartment, like the wall-mounted bookcase between the two openings in the living room. This piece of furniture was designed by the interior designer, as were the wall and base units in the kitchen. Like the walk-in wardrobes in the bedroom, they are made of mahogany. The window in the dining room has been left unobstructed so that the space is not visually overloaded. Patricia Urquiola’s glass table, with its subtle ochre tones and layers, adds a touch of lightness to the kitchen’s matte mahogany elements. The backsplash is in a waxed concrete that matches that of the vanity unit in the bathroom—a good choice for a small space where too many materials could undermine the apartment’s coherent look. Above the table, a yellow resin pendant by Sabine Marcelis creates a play of transparencies between its warm tones and the browns of the wood.

The warm tones of ochre and mahogany are matched by cognac-colored corduroy curtains. The window in the dining room is unobstructed so that the space isn’t overloaded with visual elements that would be distracting. The utensils and other kitchen items are secondhand. The flowers are from Muse Montmartre.

This club-like atmosphere found in other parts of the apartment continues in the bedroom, with its dark ochre walls and ceiling, and in the bathroom, with its deeper burgundy color contrasting with shiny ceramic tiles. The floor is waxed concrete, as is the vanity unit (which is in the same tan tone as the kitchen backsplash), creating a dialogue of matte-gloss materials with the mahogany of the dressing room, which runs from the bathroom to the bedroom in a range of brown and earthy colors. The cornices on the ceilings have been retained—and new ones added in the suite. “The idea was to preserve the vestiges of the past, such as the location of an old Prussian stove hidden by a beveled cornice that creates an interesting geometric accident—an asymmetry in this skillfully crafted symmetry,” says Lauranne Élise with a laugh. She concludes by adding, “This refined box can be explained by my taste for warm, sophisticated interiors. My dream is to create spaces that are all wood and dark colors, and mahogany is such a beautiful wood.”

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