An East Village Apartment Finds New Life Through Color and Quirky Details

When the duo found London–based painter Isobel Harvey’s Blue Horned Bull, as seen in the dining area, their direction for the rest of the open-concept living space was set. Complimentary to the rich burgundy in the kitchen, the electric blue hue pops with unexpected zest. And with the base of warm wood tones and sumptuous neutrals anchoring the couch and rugs, funky prints are allowed to shine through the dining chairs and fabric daybed. Emma Kohlmann’s Four Portals, a gift Katia bought herself upon her graduation from business school, also finds a distinctive home in the living room, adding another layer of brightness and whimsy to the space.

An undulating headboard, dinosaur pillow by House of Hackney, and subtly graphic rug by Nordic Knots add just the right amount of quirkiness to the elevated bedroom.

Though Cristina bets Katia would’ve preferred to go louder in the bedroom, she wanted to keep it soothing and tranquil (at the request of Katia’s husband) while still showcasing unique personality. The couple agreed on a soft blue paint for the ceiling making a subtle color statement, meanwhile an offbeat printed rug and undulating curved headboard offer moments of pizzazz within a paired-back palette to appease both sides.

At the heart of the second bedroom turned office is a built-in bookcase, personally crafted for the room by the previous homeowners. Though Cristina and Katia toyed with different options for it, they ultimately wanted it to be kept in its original condition, deciding to use it as a display for Katia’s collection of travel finds, books, and art objects. “It feels special because that’s what it was always used for,” says Cristina. “The former owners were very artsy and into music, just like Katia and her husband, and that’s where they showcased everything they loved. So it still is that. And I love that history behind it.” Indeed, a fitting homage for a space full of serendipity.

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