An “Underwater Bathroom” Is Just the Beginning of This Whacky LA Home

“We imposed a ‘no white walls’ rule, which we technically only broke in the kitchen because we wanted the space to feel clean,” says Alex. And this space ended up being one of Leah’s favorites to work on: “This was very heavily inspired by Scandinavian midcentury kitchens,” she says. “You can see a lot of these old kitchens online, but they’re normally pastel, so we just adopted the style to make the color palette work.” (The kitchen’s secret? Purple linoleum floors.)

In a lot of ways, the entire home has the essence of the pool-noodle table that brought the three creatives together—an unexpected pop of color, shape, and texture. “We’d show them things and they’d be like, ‘It’s too pretty, make it weirder or uglier or stranger,’” Leah says. “And I feel super fortunate to have found that niche of client. They don’t want it to look like anybody else’s house—they wanted it to be totally weird and totally unique to them. So yeah, we had some fun.”

A mix of vintage and modern pieces play together in the dining room, like a still life framed by a gorgeous chartreuse arch.


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