Bridgerton Season 3: Tour the Elaborate Sets

In the world of Bridgerton appearance is everything. Netflix’s Shondaland smash hit, which will air its latest season in two four-episode drops (the first premiering May 16 and the second June 13), is known for delivering appropriately rich Regency-era sets for its London high society setting. Though the exterior shots of the show’s dwellings use a number of real-life historic buildings—like the wisteria-laced Bridgerton family house, which borrows its façade from a circa-1723 Georgian villa in Greenwich, London—its interiors are all the work of a dedicated production crew tasked with transforming bare-bones soundstages into intricate 19th-century homes fit for royalty.

The highly anticipated third installment will return fans to some familiar spaces, like the Bridgerton and Featherington homes, while introducing a few new spots. Viewers will be welcomed back inside the Bridgerton family drawing/morning room (oh, to have a designated morning room), decked out in its classic palette of pale cream and Wedgewood blue—or Bridgerton blue, as it’s known in these halls.

The Bridgerton family’s drawing and morning room, where the color palette is designed to reflect the clan’s “warm, friendly nature.” The piano, an original pianoforte, is very delicate and must be tuned by a specialist prior to each playing scene for the production.

Photo: Liam Daniel/courtesy of Netflix

In a new video, AD catches up with the show’s production designer Alison Gartshore for an inside look at the new season’s sets, and the Bridgerton abode’s common area is done up in some extra festive decor. Blue and yellow blooms cascade from the columns, while elaborate cakes (fake) adorned with handmade floral and cherub detailing (real; fondant icing and sugarcraft) create a celebratory atmosphere “for a particularly special scene,” Gartshore hints.

Elsewhere in the Bridgerton residence, one of the show’s fan-favorite unions coincides with a marriage of decorative motifs. (Longtime lurkers planning to tune into the series eventually, look away: spoilers ahead.) Season 3 sees newlyweds Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) cohabiting in an apartment within the abode that borrows some elements of the family home’s original style, like its color palette, while remixing it to be “a little bit livelier, and a little bit younger in feel,” Gartshore explains. That familiar Bridgerton blue joins a somewhat “peachier” cream shade, meant as a nod to Kate.

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“We’ve brought in some of the warmer tones, which we had for Kate and [her sister] Edwina last season, and we’ve married them together with the Bridgerton classic palette,” Gartshore says. She points out references to Kate’s Indian heritage in the couple’s marital quarters, such as paisley fabrics, “trims on the canopy [bed] that we felt reflected Indian culture quite well,” and various decor items including elephants, ivory, and brass throughout the space to signify her presence being woven into the home.

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