Cord Covers: The 6 Best Places to Shop

In a dream world, everything is wireless or magically turns on sans electricity. There are no long white MacBook cords to trip over or out-of-reach outlets only accessible by extension cords. The bummer is, we live in a reality where this isn’t the case.

The long, industrial eyesores often distract from a well designed space, and attempting to conceal them in a non-obvious manner only works half the time. So, in the spirit of sophisticated cable management, designers like Pierce & Ward, out of Los Angeles, are taking the opportunity to add a pop of color and texture with cord covers. The brilliant cord management solution most recently gained recognition in Emma Roberts’s Open Door tour, where the actress utilized them in her primary bedroom to hide the cords attached to vintage lamps sourced in Las Vegas. “We use a lot of antique furniture and lighting, which means we don’t have the modern accommodations that hide cords, which are so unsightly,” Emily Ward and Louisa Pierce, cofounders of Pierce and Ward, tell AD. “Cord covers are the perfect solution and give you more freedom to place pieces wherever you like without having to worry about seeing the cord. It’s also fun to use beautiful fabrics and add that extra texture and character in a room.”

The writer DIY-ed her own cord and fixture cover with her friend Shea Salisbury, shown here in Claudia’s Brooklyn kitchen.

Claudia Williams

Where there’s a will to hide unsightly objects in a space, there’s a way. And below, we’ve rounded up our six favorite cord covers on the market. Read on.

AD100 firm Pierce & Ward are known for designing color-rich spaces filled with the most luxurious of textiles, and their linen cord covers are no different. “We started with some of our most used fabrics, like Robert Allen and Essex stripe, and then found it a very good way to have zero waste production,” Pierce and Ward told us. “If we have anything left that’s big enough from a bolt, we will make some cord covers or tissue box covers.” Each cover measures eight feet, with one end being cinched with elastic to provide an efficient closure, and the other end remaining open for easy installation. They also offer a full chandelier option with covered cord.

These whimsical, delicate cable protectors from Iko Iko are a work of art in and of themselves. “I thought a sheer pillow case for cords would both organize and beautify them,” says Kristin Dickson-Okuda, the founder of Iko Iko. “The transparent fabric still acknowledges them for what they are, cords.” These Japanese polyester organza cable covers come in 21 colors from ivory and lavender to matcha and ochre. Up until about a month ago, each and every one was handmade by Dickson-Okuda. Now the company uses a small family-run factory in Japan. “I like space enhancers, new solutions, or ways to uplift your space,” Kristin explains. Iko Iko goes as far as using the organza sleeves on the cords of video game controllers, blenders, and walking canes, because why not? More traditional uses include covering cables hanging from a wall mounted TVs or entertainment systems where cables are in excess.

Urbanest Chain Cord Cover

Cable concealers are an opportunity to add a pop of color and texture, but they’re also a way to discreetly conceal cords, tv cables, and power cords without drawing too much attention. They’re the ultimate way to ensure cords keep a low profile. Urbanest’s faux silk, solid colored covers disguise everything from chandelier chains to floor lamp cords. They have a velcro closure and come in four lengths: 5 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet, and 15 feet. With dark and deep jewel tones being one of the top interior design trends dominating 2024, Urbanest delivers with colors like rich purple, ruby-inspired burgundy, and sapphire blue.

MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check Cord Cover

The next wire hider on our list is the high-quality Courtly Check Cord Cover from Mackenzie-Childs. The charming pattern adds a touch of playfulness to any corner of any space—whether it’s for a home office PC or the TV cords in your home entertainment center. It’s made of 100% poly silk dupioni in the brand’s best-selling black-and-white check pattern, of course. There are gold ribbon-ties at both ends to secure the cord, because there’s never a wrong place or time to add a little bow.

Symple Stuff Markiewicz Chain Cord Cover

With over 400 reviews, it’s safe to say this solid-hued cord protector by Symple Stuff is a favorite. It’s affordable, reliable, and comes in 28 colors, including a few burlap options. Another bonus of using a cord hider like this is their ability to alleviate tripping hazards. Vibrant hues like fuchsia or orange also do double duty as a wanting sign and a way to add life to an otherwise ignored detail in a space.

Upgrade Lights Zipper Cord Cover

While most wire covers slide on and attach at either end with a button or velcro, this fabric cord protector zips close. The maker, UpgradeLights out of North Carolina, designed their zipper cord cover to be extra long at nine feet in length. Each cable hider is handmade with silk fabric and coordinating woven trim to add a touch of soft romance. You can shop it in six neutral colors like bronze, vanilla, and black. Reviewers with high ceilings rave about the length of this one and the quality of sewing.

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