eBook Launch: 5 Growth Plays For Training Businesses

Innovative Ways To Attract And Retain Training Business Customers

From rethinking the way you deliver your product to teaming up with external content partners, this guide features real-world examples for attracting new training business customers and achieving higher profitability. Best of all, tried-and-tested techniques have already been implemented by Thought Industries’ customers to gain a larger market share. So, there’s no need for costly trial and error.

eBook Release

5 Growth Plays For Training Businesses

Explore five tested and proven growth strategies with actionable steps to supercharge your business.

Is Your Current Tech Stack Hindering Business Growth?

A traditional training platform isn’t going to suffice when it comes to customer and external partner training. You need a solution that’s purpose-built and delivers all the essential features, including multi-tenancy, advanced analytics, and learning monetization. Of course, it also needs to have personalization features so that you can offer a diverse mix of content, ranging from webinars and on-demand videos to adaptive learning paths, to take engagement to the next level. The question is: does your current platform live up to expectations, or is it time to invest in software that drives customer retention, adoption, and loyalty?

About This eBook

Why should you consider offering certifications as part of your core user subscription? Is micro-credentialing the future of continuous learning? Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll find in this guide by Thought Industries:

  • Offer The Same Learning Content As Three Tailored Products
  • Offer Free Access To New, Sponsored Content
  • Include Your Most Valuable Offering As Part Of A Subscription
  • Create Micro-Credentials For Bursts Of Engagement
  • Deploy Different Portals For Different Audiences

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Download 5 Growth Plays For Training Businesses today to fuel business success by laying a solid tech foundation and delivering exceptional learning experiences. Every example featured in the eBook highlights the company’s profile, how they executed their plan of action, and how their efforts paid off so that you can customize your growth strategy accordingly.

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