From a Moroccan Rug Atelier to New Dreamy Hotels, Here Are AD’s Discoveries of the Month

A double-height bedroom suite.

Photo: Douglas Friedman

Teak and rattan furnishings, both custom and vintage, nod to the country’s Spanish colonial heritage, while handwoven tapestries by local artisans depict Panamanian flora and fauna. Coral stone sourced from the archipelago lines the floors. And traditional mola textiles by the Indigenous Guna community add to that sense of place. With the villa’s postcard-perfect pool and vaulted grotto lounge, guests could be forgiven for languishing in the supreme comfort. But adventure awaits. Says Gloria: “You feel like an explorer here, tapping into the raw nature all around you.” From $20,000 per night. —John Wogan

Open Studio: Beni forges global connections to update its Moroccan atelier

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In Beni’s renovated showroom, stools by Colin King for the Future Perfect mingle with chairs by Clara Porset and Mies Van der Rohe.

Photo: William Jess Laird

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Brand founders Robert Wright (Left) and Tiberio Lobo-Navia (center) with artistic director at large Colin King.

Photo: William Jess Laird

Weaving is the name of the game at Beni’s newly renovated studio, located in the Moroccan village of Tameslouht, outside Marrakech. There are the rugs themselves—multicolored feats of warp and weft that have won over design lovers around the world. But there are also the wide-ranging references, expertly layered by founders Robert Wright and Tiberio Lobo-Navia. Shutters in the style of designer Bill Willis (of Villa Oasis fame) mingle with iconic chairs by the likes of Clara Porset and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as well as contemporary seating by Colin King, the brand’s artistic director at large. “It’s not a shop,” Lobo-Navia says of the space, which spans—among other functions—an office, showroom, atelier, and Milanese-inflected espresso bar. “It’s a place to come, be inspired, and see the richness that goes into making a product.”

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Tür Rug by Athena Calderone for Beni.

Photo: Courtesy of Beni.

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Secession Rug by Athena Calderone for Beni.

Photo: Courtesy of Beni.

Since launching Beni from Lobo-Navia’s kitchen table in 2018, the duo (then a romantic couple) have become international champions of Moroccan traditions, heralding authenticity in a world rife with shaggy fakes. “It all goes back to this idea of heritage craft meeting a global design perspective,” says Wright, alluding to hit collaborations with the likes of Athena Calderone and Tom Delavan. Their process stays true to the past: Wool is woven, charred to singe loose ends, then repeatedly washed and dried for softness. But the results run wild with imagination, ranging from oversized leopard print to Rothko-inspired abstractions. “So much,” Wright continues, “comes to life through partnerships.”

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