From Zero To Hero: 4 Ways To Generate Relevant Backlinks For SaaS Companies

Mastering Link Building And Finding Relevant Backlinks For SaaS Companies

Standing out from the crowd in a fiercely competitive field like SaaS can be difficult. SaaS companies keep popping up, offering their services in every aspect of the corporate environment. That raises the alarm for a solid marketing strategy that ensures high SEO performance to reach a valuable audience through SERP results. To do so, most companies resort to link building with relevant backlinks.

When it comes to SEO, finding relevant backlinks for your link building campaigns is key. Even though it may sound like an easy outreach task, it is not. Targeting the right keywords, generating organic traffic, and finding relevant backlinks while remaining in your niche industry is a process.

In this article, we focus on common and uncommon ways to generate relevant backlinks for your SaaS company and outrank your competition in SERPs. But before that, we will address the necessity of relevant backlinks for SaaS companies.

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Why Building Relevant Backlinks Is Crucial For SaaS Companies

As mentioned at the beginning, SaaS companies have multiplied over the past few years. This level of competition brings SEO performance to the forefront of their toolboxes. Part of maintaining strong SEO performance is link building. Overall, link building can provide SaaS companies with the following benefits.

Increased Organic Traffic

Everyone understands the importance of ranking high in search engines. People search for solutions on these engines every day, so securing the top spots can provide you with valuable organic traffic that has the potential to convert into leads.

A solid link building strategy with valuable links can increase your rankings in your targeted keywords. The higher your rankings are, the more traffic you will generate for your SaaS company.

Thought Leadership

Organic traffic is great for your business, but that is not the only benefit of relevant backlinks. Because, in addition, backlinks essentially vouch for your content. The more quality backlinks your content gets, the more trusted you become by search engines.

This sets the foundation for thought leadership, as your audience will start acknowledging your expertise in the industry and trust your services. Ultimately, this can not only generate valuable leads but also turn them into loyal customers.

Increased Revenue

Everything already mentioned results in higher customer acquisition. Generating organic leads and building trusting relationships with your audience will eventually lead to increased sales and revenue. However, remember that link building is a process for the long term. Therefore, you should expect to see results long after you have started your campaigns.

Top 4 Strategies Of Link Building For SaaS Companies

1. Create High-Quality Content

There is no magic formula for guaranteeing marketing success. However, there are safe paths to take, one of them being consistent content creation.

Top-quality content can be a magnet for relevant backlinks. What makes a piece of content high-quality is its readability, SEO friendliness, and engagement. Your content marketing ideas should be both attractive and informative to provide value to your audience and attract link building opportunities.

To take your content marketing strategy to the next level, make sure that your content is also shareable. Boosting its shareability can do wonders in marketing channels like social media. When people share your content online, opportunities for both traffic and B2B collaboration increase.

When it comes to types of content, there is a variety in terms of format, goal, and channel. For example, in your blog, you may publish content like articles, whitepapers, infographics, and eBooks. On the other hand, on your social media, you can experiment with other types of content, like videos or webinars.

 2. Start Guest Blogging

Creating top-quality content should not be limited to your blog. Guest blogging can expand your content marketing strategy to other blogs, too. Overall, guest blogging is a common yet effective way to build strong content relationships with other websites in your industry.

The process of guest blogging goes as follows:

  • Researching opportunities – This is the first step in which you search your industry for websites that match your needs. Ideally, you should look for websites with a reliable presence in your industry, solid SEO performance, and a blog that allows guest posts.
  • Outreaching – Once you have spotted an opportunity, it’s time to contact the website. Find the email of the person responsible for guest posting or search the site for any guidelines on the process.
  • Creating quality content – After you have read the guidelines, it is time to start writing. Please note that guidelines vary on each website, so make sure that your content aligns with them. This also means that your guest posts may have to differ considerably from the content you publish on your website.
  • Redirecting to your website – The main purpose of guest blogging is to direct traffic to your website. So, make sure that you include a backlink in your preferred anchor text to reap the SEO benefits.

Your marketing strategy can benefit from guest blogging in several ways. In terms of SEO, you will acquire a relevant backlink from a trusted source in your industry. This backlink can help you rank in a specific keyword while directing organic traffic to your website. Another important perk is boosting your thought leadership. By producing quality content that contains valuable information, you establish credibility in your industry. That is one of the benefits of thought leadership marketing and a solid way to showcase your expertise in the industry and inspire trust.

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3. Initiate Link Building Campaigns

Guest blogging sometimes requires a large amount of resources and content writers. But don’t worry—you can still improve your SEO with link building.

Link building is the process of building backlinks with external websites. The main difference between link building and guest blogging is that you do not have to create the content yourself. Usually, the content already exists, so the process goes as follows:

  • Search for websites with strong SEO performance
  • Look for an article that has the potential to link to one of your articles
  • Craft your outreach piece explaining why they would want to link to your content
  • Outreach and ask for a relevant backlink

Needless to say, if you want to increase your SEO performance with quality backlinks, you can always outsource. There are reliable link building services that can help your company thrive in this area.

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4. Conduct Webinars And Publish eBooks

Blog posts are not the only forms of content that can provide relevant backlinks. Depending on your services, you can always go for other types of content like eBooks or webinars. In general, eBooks and Webinars can place your company as an industry expert and help you attract valuable traffic to your website.

There is massive potential behind these two techniques. In terms of content marketing and SEO, both webinars and eBooks can provide you with multiple content pieces. In detail, an eBook can break down into ten articles (one per chapter) discussing important topics. Same goes for webinars which have this post effective utility as well.

Another area of effect of these two forms of content is thought leadership. Both eBooks and Webinars are exceptionally effective methods of teaching providing valuable information to your target audience. In this way, you unlock the potential of becoming a thought leader in the industry while acquiring relevant backlinks.

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Generating relevant backlinks for SaaS companies often requires a strategic approach that combines top quality content creation, relationship building, and proactive outreach. When these actions are performed in the right way, they can lead to SEO success.

In this article, we addressed the most common yet effective ways to acquire relevant backlinks for your SaaS company. In detail, we explored the path of content creation for your blog which can increase your SEO performance in multiple ways. Moreover, we referred to the guest blogging technique, which in addition to the effects of content marketing, offers the benefit of building partnerships with other websites. Then, we move to link building which is a unique way of acquiring quality and relevant backlinks. Last but not least, we presented the method of utilizing other pieces of content like webinars and eBooks for generating relevant backlinks for your SaaS company.

Do not forget, the goal is not only to acquire relevant backlinks for your SaaS company, but also to stand out from the competition as an industry leader. This can help you build a trusted audience base which will reward your services directly.

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