Good Vibes Only: 4 Ways to Ward Off Bad Energy in Your Home

We all want a home that feels comforting for us, and warm and welcoming to others. Sure, hosting is a huge part of that, but sometimes you walk into a space and it just feels right—or, on the contrary, the bad energy is suffocating. Good vibes can be hard to conjure, but you know it when you feel it. It can also be difficult to know exactly what to do in order to bring them into your space.

We consulted with a variety of professional healers, hoodoo practitioners, and herbalists to learn how to rid your space of bad energy and bring in the good. They also helped us define what good energy can mean. “Oftentimes, if a home feels light, inviting, and welcoming, I know that the space has good energy,” explains Shantrelle P. Lewis of Beaucoup Hoodoo. “If you have good dreams when you sleep at night, the urge to sing or laugh, I’d say that the energy is good. If you have thriving plants or happy pets, these are all typical indicators that a home has good energy.”

Saskia Katherine, a multimodal guide, echoes this sentiment. “Good energy is energy that is in balance and flow and supports our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The impact of good energy in a home is a sense of connectedness, wholeness, peace, joy.” If your home could use a little bit more peace and joy, read on for these pro tips.

Set yourself up for success when you move out

We often think about creating good vibes and bringing cleansing energy into a new space, but saying goodbye to your previous space is important as well. “Before moving from one place to another, you should leave a few pennies or coins in the space you are leaving and thank the home for serving as your shelter,” Shantrelle says. Moving isn’t just about organizing for your new place and planning for the future, it’s an opportunity for self-reflection and intention-setting.

Deep clean the energy

When you do get into your new home or want to refresh your current space, smudging, a practice with roots in Indigenous American cultures, helps to energetically cleanse your space. Traditionally the practice is done with white sage, but there are many other options for your space that may be a better fit ecologically and culturally. “Due to sustainability issues and irresponsible harvesting of sacred indigenous plants, I believe the fragrant plants that grow abundantly in your local area can be crafted into beautiful smudge bundles to cleanse your energy and your home. Pine, lavender, rosemary, any of the mints or basils—the most important element is your intention while cleansing,” says Selima Harleston Lust, a clinical herbalist and cofounder of Iwilla Remedy.

If you feel like your space really needs an extra boost or you’re moving into a space that feels a little, well, haunted, you may want to add an extra ritual to your smudging routine. “If the house is really old, to be on the safe side, you should then lightly hit the walls with bunches of what we call lucky leaves or flowerless rhododendrons. Bunches of eucalyptus also work as a great substitute. This clears the space of any negative energy or ill-intentioned spirits that may be lingering,” adds Shantrelle. “Then walk through with white flowers and a bowl of cool water that has sweet-smelling essential oils added, such as jasmine, bergamot, rosemary, and lemon or old school Murray and Lanman’s Florida Water. Go through each room sprinkling the sweat bath mixture with the flowers repeating words aloud that you want to invite into the space.”

Consider the flow of your furniture

If smudging rituals aren’t your thing or you want to use every tool in the good-vibes toolbox, feng shui is a practical and functional approach to crafting positive energy in your home. By considering the flow of chi (positive energy) in a space, you are not just helping your home feel better energetically, you’re also crafting a thoughtful (and oftentimes intuitive) layout.

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