How The Venture Management Became The Only Thai Talent Agency That Mattered

Nichapat Suphap has been a fixture on the fashion scene for more than a decade. An editor and entrepreneur, she sashays between fashion shows in Milan and Paris, was the first Thai attendee at the Met Gala (and has been in attendance ever since), works with top fashion royalties including Law Roach and Anna Dello Russo, and seems to have the entire Thai entertainment industry on her speed dial.

There’s no surprise that Suphap has finally decided to set up her own talent agency — The Venture Management, currently focusing only on Thai A-list celebrities — to capitalize on her impressive contact book. But why now?

“My talents have global reach, phenomenal engagements and dedicated fans.” Touching on the subject during an interview, Suphap says: “During this past Paris Fashion Week alone, Nattawin Apo Nattawin and Mile Phakphum’s EMV (Earned Media Value) came just after Kylie Jenner and Zendaya, who have close to 600M followers combined.”

Following its recent establishment, The Venture Management quickly gained momentum — thanks to Suphap’s reputation in the industry and close connections to the world of media and press — and seems to have overnight become the only Thai talent agency that mattered. And here is everything you need to know about The Venture Management, and what Suphap has in the works for its future.

What makes Venture Management so unique in its offering?

First and foremost, there is no other agency who’s doing what I’m doing on a global level. The artists and their local managers really put their trust in me in representing them globally. My talents (currently mainly Thai) have worldwide reach, phenomenal engagement and dedicated fans. Apart from connecting them with brands, I’m also responsible for editorial partnerships in addition to international red carpet appearances. The talents currently in my roster are A-list level only. While most of them have roles with global brands, there is still a lot of potential in every category.

Who are your current talents and what are the potentials to be further explored in the Thai entertainment industry?

The talents are Mile Phakphum, Nattawin Apo Wattanagitiphat, Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, Kanawut Traipipattanapong, Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, and Davika Hoorne.

I only signed 6 A-list actors/actresses for now because I want to give them my full attention, but I also have other talents in my network that I’m happy to broker deals for. Anyone you want in Thailand, I’m happy to make the connection (provided that the brands are big enough and the fit is right). There are also plans to venture into other Asian countries and represent talents from industries outside of entertainment. I envision my working partners to be luxury and consumer brands who would benefit from celebrity appearances. More broadly, I’m happy to play matchmaker for anyone who is interested in utilizing the immense power of Thai/Asian stars.

What prompted the establishment of The Venture Management and the focus on Thai celebrity/personalities?

The world has started to shift their focus to the Southeast Asian market, especially on Thai stars who have become a global phenomenon. I truly believe that Thailand is the new Korea for entertainment. I want to own the market, capitalizing on this opportunity and formalizing things. People in the fashion industry think of me when they think of [everything to do with] Thailand anyway. A lot of brands and PRs come to me for advice when it comes to Asia, especially the Thai market. I want to be the point person for anything Thailand related.

What’s the next step? Any expansion in the works?

In addition to brand relationships and appearances, I also want to work with production companies for any work done locally in Thailand. I can advise these companies if they want to shoot movies or TV series in Thailand and on casting for local actors/actresses. In short I aspire to take soft power in the Thai entertainment industry on a global level.

Who will you be working with closely on the projects?

I have my partners who are local managers for the celebrities, as well as a silent partner. Many PRs, magazine editors, and brands that have been my peers for the past 14 years in the fashion industry have all reached out to congratulate me and want to discuss projects. We are currently in several negotiations that we’re excited about. The network that I have spent the past decade cultivating is finally coming together to facilitate my new agency’s success.

Will The Venture Management be taking up most of your time or will you be also working on other fashion projects?

To be honest, I’m not sure at this stage. For now, I am still working on other fashion projects and projects in general — I have quite a lot going on at all times. Depending on how many future talents I take on, I may have to build a bigger team or scale back on smaller projects.

With the current socio-economic state of the world, what’s your view on the future of luxury market and influencing?

There will always be room for luxury. People will want to reward themselves with beautiful and meaningful things no matter what happens in the world. Celebrities and influencers will play an even more significant role as not just the tastemakers, but also representatives for their fans/consumers so the luxury brands are also steered to a more conscious and sustainable direction. It’s important that the stars act as a public medium whose voices can be heard and raise social discussions.

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