Letters to Sports: Jim Harbaugh mania electrifies hopeful Chargers fans

‘Bolt from the Blue’ indeed! Chargers have long been considered the NFL’s version of the Clippers…wildly talented underachievers. Only time will tell if Harbaugh can change this perception. The sports world is watching. Knowing Harbaugh, it’s sure to be amusing.

Marty Zweben
Palos Verdes Estates


After 32 years of following the Chargers, first in San Diego and now in Los Angeles, that quintessential moment has finally arrived with the announcement of Jim Harbaugh as the new head coach.

This was the moment Chargers fans have been waiting for.

Kudos to the Spanos family for knocking out it out of the park!!!

Now, let’s sit back, let the man work and enjoy this wild ride!!!

Felipe Varela


The hapless Chargers have hit a grand slam by hiring Jim Harbaugh. For years they have had a losing culture but that is about to change very quickly. Now, the only question will be how long he will be around before he wears the organization out with his intensity.

James Schweitzer


Where there is smoke there is fire, as the saying goes and there is a lot of smoke surrounding the Michigan football program. I think Jim Harbaugh is leaving Michigan just like Pete Carroll left USC.

Russell Morgan


Today I see a glimmer of hope. My Chargers have pulled off a big one. Finally. For so many years, so many times so close. Welcome back Jim. Now bring us some wins, playoff games and the Lombardi! We’ve suffered long enough.

John Tsutsui
Hurricane, Utah


After the Chargers let go of Brandon Staley there was the usual “talk” of a culture change, going in a new direction, ad nauseum.

Surprisingly, the Chargers let go of their obsession of going on the cheap and hiring offensive or defensive assistants. They not only hired a HEAD coach, but one of the most successful ones in both college and the pros.

Hats off to the Spanos family for not just “talking the talk”, but boldly and aggressively “walking the walk”!

Rick Solomon
Lake Balboa

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