Ming Tsai’s MingsBings Has Added A Meaty Addition To Its Lineup

A few years ago, MingsBings created a storm as a handheld vegan and gluten-free snack option from a celebrity chef. Now, they are about to create excitement anew by branching off in an unexpected – but delicious – direction.

After several years of exclusively plant-based offerings, MingsBings is now available with a selection of meat fillings as well. While they will still have the crispy, gluten-free wrapping with vegetable filling, there’ll also now be some with meat. The meat-filled Bings will start with four flavor options and will be made with 25% vegetables, and remain gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free.

“Our new Meat-Based MingsBings are available in four flavors: Cheeseburger, Ham and Cheese, Buffalo Chicken, and Supreme Pizza,” Iron Chef Ming Tsai shared in an interview. “Our Meat-Based Bings are better-for-you, incorporating vegetables into each bing. Each Bing is crafted with 20% vegetables: our Cheeseburger is made with cauliflower rice mixed in, Ham and Cheese is made with potatoes, we added extra shredded carrots and cauliflower rice to our Buffalo Chicken Bing, and our Supreme Pizza is loaded with tomatoes, basil, onions, and bell peppers,” said Tsai.

Tsai says incorporating meat into the Bings came after a whole lot of customer requests. “We listened!” he said, sharing that they crafted this ling of Bings based on feedback from both customers and retailers. “They made it clear that they wanted an option with meat and poultry that would also be good for their health like our plant-based line,” said Tsai. When the team got to work creating a Bing with meat, they wanted to still keep the veggie count up to keep things healthy. And there’s more to come. “I am also looking forward to creating some seafood-based Bings while sticking to our theme of being delicious and better-for-you. That’s key,” said Tsai.

Aside from the change in protein type, these meat-filled Bings will look very similar – they are wrapped in the same gluten-free brown rice wrapper, using the same technique. “They are the Bings you’ve come to love in new flavors,” said Bing, who shared that his personal favorite of the new flavors is the Buffalo Chicken.

The Bings are meant to be enjoyed golden brown, right out of the airfryer. But from that point, they are made to have some fun with, as far as dippers and sides. “I like serving the Cheeseburger with lettuce, pickles and our 8000 Island Dipper sauce or the Ham and Cheese is great smeared with dijon mustard and topped with pickled jalapenos.” As for the Buffalo Chicken, Tsai goes pretty traditional. “I love all the accouterments for the Buffalo Chicken: carrots, celery, ranch, blue cheese dressing, and extra Frank’s hot sauce,” he said. And the Supreme Pizza, he loves to pair with a simple Italian Salad.

Tsai shared that following getting production for the meat-based line finalized, next up is to expand the breakfast line. “We have a Denver Omelet in the pipeline and plan to add Sausage, Egg, and Cheese and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese. We are on the hunt to find good bacon options. We plan to stick with our delicious and better-for-you theme and add Veggie, Egg and Cheese to our offering as well,” said Tsai.

Eventually, Tsai would love to expand the line to include Bing Bites. “This is something our customers and the food service companies we work with have asked us for. They suggested a smaller concept for easier bites at a stadium, food venue, or even a party. Bings are delicious, but once you cut them they are a little harder to eat, so we are toying with that idea,” said Tsai.

The Meat-Based Cheeseburger and Ham and Cheese Bings are now available at Sprouts, and all four of the new flavors will be available December 1, 2023 at Market Basket, Grade A, and Shoprite. They will also be launching at Giant Eagle in January 2024.

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