Neocon Talks 2024: Videos from Day 1

Relive Day 1 of NeoCon Talks 2024 through the following video recordings. This year’s eight 20-minute session covered topics from Gen Z @work and occupational therapy to monotasking and democratizing architecture. 

Gen Z kicked off the second year of Neocon Talks with moderator Katie Sargent spoke with Formica’s FORM Student Innovation Competition 2024 Winners — Cali Pitcher, Interior Designer and Audrey Weiss, Industrial Design, Purdue University.  These young winners discussed their submissions, transitioning from student to working professional, and what Gen Z is looking for in the work environment.

To have my designs come to life is totally different than working on someone else’s design. It‘s very empowering to know my colleagues trust me to do this, therefore I can do it. I know I can make this happen.

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Introducing InDepth Surfacing™

Courtesy of Formica InDepth Surfacing Bleached Luster Walnut
Courtesy of Formica InDepth Surfacing Bleached Luster Walnut.

InDepth Surfacing™ by Formica Group incorporates a new precision inline print technology that results in a synchronized embossed matte texture with light-reflecting details. The result is a visually dynamic, high-performance textured surface suitable for vertical, horizontal, postformed and flat applications in high-end commercial environments such as hospitality, higher education and office spaces.

Next up was Democratizing Architecture with Tanya Khanna, Founder of Epistle. Every design has its own unique story; In order to give architecture a distinct voice today, a content-based communication strategy becomes a critical tool and a means to that end. Khanna brought all voices to the table to set the course for a better, more inclusive and sustainable future.

We experience the spaces around us and that is what shapes the spaces we occupy, the buildings we live in, the buildings we inhabit, the schools we study in … Unlike the other arts, whether it’s music, theater, sciences, experiencing architecture and design and the built environment is not a matter of choice.

Vice President of Design Segment at Momentum Textiles, Libby Gillen challenged the popular belief that multitasking is the key to productivity. Instead, she introduced the concept of Monotasking to enhance creativity, productivity and wellness.

Only 2 .5 % of people can actually multitask and multitask well. Our brains don’t work like that. We have a frontal cortex left and right. They need to work together to get our best input out. 

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Refresh your mind and workspace.

IMG 2220Garden on the Wall® is an award-winning provider of turn-key, maintenance-free garden installations created with all natural preserved plants. Our gardens require no water, sunlight, or soil and retain their vibrant look for 10-15 years. Our gardens are the idyllic fulfilment of biophilic aspirations for any interior space.

Stephen Smith, VP of People Analytics, REWORC and Founder of The Fail Forward Project joined us to tell us more about Intentional Based Working and how new space design concepts can drive demand in the new world of work and propel the businesses it supports.

It’s not about just on time on budget, and it’s not some dotted line to attraction and retention. This is directly tied to performance. I am using space to reinforce a better use of your people’s time.

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Dauphin’s Bevva is the latest addition to our collaborative lounge collection, redefining comfort and style standards. Bevva benches are customizable to fit your space perfectly at 25″ deep and 34″ high with customizable widths. Featuring eye-catching diagonal seaming on the sides, Bevva provides a cozy seat and makes a striking statement that captures attention.

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