NeoCon Talks 2024: Videos from Day 2

Experience Day 2 of NeoCon Talks 2024 through the following video recordings. This year’s eight 20-minute session covered topics from neurodiversity and occupational therapy to AI and democratizing architecture. 

Senior Project Interior Designer at HOK, Olivia Danielson-Veed shared the latest research on sensory processing and neurodiversity. Learn more about why Neuro-Inclusion affects everyone and how to integrate it into the design process.

We are here today to understand how we can make the built environment function in the best way possible for this one in five individuals. But not all impairments are the same as well.

Occupational Therapist Francisco Lasta of Muller2, talked about the distinct value that OT practitioners can bring to the table for teams seeking to elevate their designs. He shed light on the barriers to collaboration between OTs and designers and explore potential solutions for fostering a more impactful partnership.

We look at these design features in the environment from the lens of: Is it going to facilitate or limit me from doing the things that I want to do?.

 Fail! Fail! Fail! It’s the magic of moving forward. Failure fosters growth and agility in our personal development. However, too often we see an inequality in how failure is perceived amongst design careers. Jacobs’ Andrea Alaownis, WELL AP and Jovana Abu-Ali, LEED AP, AIA shared their stories of understanding and embracing their failures while pivoting towards success.

You have to take the risk to fail. And it’s okay if you fail, you tried it. how do you know if you don’t like something, or if you’re good at it, if you don’t try it?

NeoCon Talks Sponsor Message from 9to5 Seating

Introducing Sustainable Stacking Standout HÅG Celi.

9to5Seating HAG Celi Env CafeMeet 9to5’s newest sustainable and groundbreaking multipurpose chair—HÅG Celi. A standout among even the most environmentally friendly seating products, HÅG Celi is built with innovative ergonomic technology unheard of in a stacking chair. Its design is playful and inviting for meeting or training areas, conference rooms, cafes and open workspaces.

AI is integrating into our digital life faster than imagined. Matthew Negron, President of Dauphin Americas interviewed Mark Schwamel, FAIA, Director of Ware Malcomb Chicago about AI tools and its newest usages.

Don’t be afraid of AI. it’s easy to get into it and then when you realize how you can leverage it in your own firm or practice, you Embrace it.

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