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Something Wicked by Ellen Oh


The riveting conclusion to the acclaimed Spirit Hunters series! We Need Diverse Books cofounder Ellen Oh delivers the final book in her middle grade series Spirit Hunters, a gripping mystery and thrilling adventure, starring a Korean-American heroine and a diverse cast of characters. Harper is dealing with too many new changes in her house. Her cousin, Leo, is now living with them; her sister, Kelly, has started working at a local makeup store, Jeune; and Harper’s spirit hunter abilities have grown increasingly more powerful and uncontrollable, making her a target for possession. But when Harper and Dayo uncover a dangerous plot to steal youth from millions of innocent people, Harper must use all her powers to destroy an ancient evil and save her sister. Can our intrepid spirit hunters rescue Kelly before it’s too late? A spellbinding, spooky, middle grade series, perfect for Halloween! Don’t miss the first two thrilling books in this series from Ellen Oh.




This is a book three so there are spoilers from the first two books below.

I really enjoyed this whole trilogy. The first book was the creepiest one, but they were all a bit spooky at times. I love that this book made the duo into a trio. The addition of Leo was something I liked. The book covers bullying a bit with him. But most of the book was about evil things. In this one, there is a witch that is after Kelly. This witch takes lives from people and also takes a small amount of life from everyone using their cosmetics. Kelly works for this company and loves the makeup. Harper knows something is wrong because Kelly gets mean. And she can’t remember the mean things. Harper can also see people looking older after using the makeup. It’s up to Harper, Dayo, and Leo to stop before the witch takes over Kelly’s body for good.

I gave this book 5 stars. The whole series gets 5 stars from me. It was a lot of fun.


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