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Zero Days by Ruth Ware


Ruth Ware returns with this adrenaline-fueled thriller about a woman in a race against time to clear her name and find her husband’s murderer.

Hired by companies to break into buildings and hack security systems, Jack and her husband, Gabe, are the best penetration specialists in the business. But after a routine assignment goes horribly wrong, Jack arrives home to find her husband dead. To add to her horror, the police are closing in on their suspect—her.

Suddenly on the run and quickly running out of options, Jack must decide who she can trust as she circles closer to the real killer.




I didn’t really pay attention to what this was about. I just got it because it was Ruth Ware. I’m not a huge tech person, so this wasn’t quite what I expected. I did still enjoy it, but it wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be.

Jack’s husband is killed and the police think she’s the only one that could have done it. Instead of cooperating, Jack uses her skills to flee. She’s on the run throughout the whole book with only a couple people that she trusts to be in contact with. One is her sister and the other is her husband’s best friend. She’s able to get a little bit of money and phones to use. Jack knows that she needs to find out who killed Gabe and why. There was an insurance policy taken out by him and she highly doubts he actually took it out days before he died. If Jack can find out who did it, she might find out who is involved.

This was fast paced and I enjoyed the mystery. I was just a little lost on some of the tech aspects.

I gave this book 4 stars.


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