The 13 Best Hotels in Japan for Design Lovers

The best hotels in Japan are as multifaceted as the country they call home. One day you might be making your way through a hectic, neon-lit Tokyo, and the next you could be leisurely soaking in an onsen in Hakone. And while cities may vastly vary from one another, there is some commonality in the refined aesthetic found throughout the island nation. Just about everything in Japan has a particularly beautiful aesthetic, and while often minimalistic, there is an unparalleled elegance and sophistication when it comes to their accommodations. And thanks to the country’s extensive rail system—including the Shinkansen bullet trains—city-hopping is not only feasible, but recommended. From traditional ryokan inns to some of the newer contemporary additions, here AD surveys the 13 best hotels in Japan worthy of a trip from any design aficionado.

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