The Anatomy of an Ideal Indian Wedding

“We ideally look to create a wedding that is an amalgamation of the contemporary and the traditional,” says Louis D’Souza, Director of Tamarind Global Weddings. Photo credit: Shreya Sen Photography

Photo: Shreya Sen Photography

During COVID, many couples decided to go ahead with intimate weddings that feature mindful and sustainable decor that showcases their personalities. “The past decade has been all about grand weddings—over the top spectacles that are meant to create that ‘wow’ factor. In contrast, for us, an ideal wedding is one where the family is at the center, and the wedding is designed around the guests and their experiences,” remarks Devika Narain, founder of Devika Narain and Company, who appreciates the incorporation of details that epitomize the personal family histories and are an extension of the personalities of the bride and groom. According to Narain, “decor made with locally sourced, sustainable materials” is a nice touch too!

Priti Sidhwaani believes that the best wedding decor “bring[s] out the personality of the couple through the wedding—their family values, personal aesthetics and likings.” The founder and CEO of DreamzKrraft says “thematic decor” and “a perfectly chosen color scheme” sets the mood and aesthetics of the wedding.

The ideal food and beverage

“Indian weddings are all about food, drinking and dancing. The key to making a long-lasting impact is great food! Combining the traditional with the trendy is crucial,” says Zorawar Kalra, founder of Massive Restaurants. This involves considering the needs of each function: for a mehendi—or henna—function, it is best to have grazing tables, juice bars, chaat (snacks) counters and a lot of appetizers. For the sangeet—or singing part of the wedding— exotic cocktails, along with sushi stations and live pizza or pasta counters are all the rage. Kalra notes that “molecular gastronomy is an ever-evolving trend and is definitely a hit at such functions.”

The ideal photography

Wedding photographs are meant to capture the most magical moments. “The best photos are of the people, as they emote with each other. They depict true love expressed as joy, in tears, in little moments of levity and togetherness.” states Joshua Karthik, co-founder of Stories by Joseph Radhik. His advice to achieve this? “Eyes on each other, not on the setting, or the plans, or the execution. If you can, try and relieve yourself of that stress, and enjoy the day for what it is—your biggest yet most intimate celebration. That’s all we need.”

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