The Most Expensive House for Sale in the United States Is Now $55 Million Cheaper

Before listing, the Winnicks undertook and extensive remodel and restoration overseen by architect Peter Marino. It took over two years with 250 craftspeople onsite daily to restore plasterwork, refinish lacquer walls, and hand-polish 14 layers of paint. There are over 60 rooms in the expansive residence including servants’ quarters and three walk-in vaults in the basement.

A relaxing pool escape on the property grounds.

Photo: Simon Berlyn

The price cut comes following Gary’s death last month. According to Mansion Global, the husband had a strong emotional attachment to the home and wouldn’t part with it for less than $250 million. But now, Karen is ready to move the sale along, prompting the eight-figure price cut. Once the most expensive house for sale in the United States, if it had gone for it original asking price, it would have set another record entirely: the most expensive residence ever sold in the United States. It’s a title Casa Encantada knows well, since it previously held the crown in 1980 and again in 2000. However, it seems Ken Griffin, whose 2019 purchase of a $238 million Manhattan penthouse earned him the accolade, will maintain the record for now.

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