The Sofa Bed Is Dead—Here Are 10 Designer-Approved Alternatives

Located on the site of a former convent, this small apartment on the Butte Montmartre in Paris is very bright, despite only being on the second floor. The architects simplified the highly compartmentalized layout by grouping the bathrooms together and placing the kitchen in the main room to create a true living space. As the apartment is singularly oriented with only one light source, the bedroom is installed as a second day room behind a large bay window to benefit from the light from the two windows in the living room. The bedroom is elevated to create a sense of space and height, so as to not miss out on the view outside. A chest has been created under the bed for extra storage space.

The wall-mounted fold-out extra bed

Oui’s design considers the functional needs of the apartment, whose tenant hoped to host guests.

Photography courtesy bcdf studio

This apartment, with its many windows offering reflections and views of Paris’ Buttes-Chaumont park, needed to be redesigned to free up space. “The owner, in his 30s, wanted to give priority to the living area,” say Noa Peer and Flore Raimbault, the architects who founded Oui. “Living alone, he wanted to welcome his family with the possibility of offering them a real bed rather than a sofa bed. A person with minimalist tastes, he was mainly looking for a large living room and a certain flexibility in the organization of the rooms.” On the living room side, with its light-colored parquet floor tiles, a sliding bed integrated under the bedroom’s platform opens up, as does a small banquette with low furniture. The same goes for a low bench that doubles as a bedside table and can run under the window, proving the high degree of functionality of Oui’s design.

Retractable wall bed

The unfolded bed doesnt prevent you from working at the desk which limits the number of awkward manipulations—and...

The unfolded bed doesn’t prevent you from working at the desk, which limits the number of awkward manipulations—and reflects a good understanding of student life.

Photography courtesy bcdf studio

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