This 430-Square-Foot Barcelona Home Follows Its Own Style

Argentona is located in the interior of the Maresme, a region of Catalonia in Spain that is known for its Mediterranean beaches, extensive pine forests, and famous crafts traditions, especially pottery. The owners wanted their home to embrace the spirit of the area. “The Mediterranean is there, it’s unavoidable—the building is where it is. The structure of diagonal beams in the roof is one very local element and we wanted to preserve it,” Alex adds.

With this and other projects, Alex has successfully moved away from classic, and often predictable, Mediterranean style choices like beiges and earth tones paired with rustic elements. In his designs, the look evolves towards something more unique and elevated. He began by including touches in contrasting black and white, a hallmark of the interior designer: “It’s about highlighting darkness, too, because, just like individuals, interiors have two different sides. I think that emphasis on shadows creates spaces that feel more real.”

In the living room, a painting by Iñaki Moreno, Brutalist furniture from the ’50s, and a lamp from the ’60s made of rattan and wood (both by unknown designers).

Flavia Ribeiro

Next, Alex selected furniture that included many anonymous pieces from the ’60s and ’70s and works by contemporary artists. Chairs by Miguel Milá and Jordi Vilanova happily coexist with Abstract Expressionist works by Iñaki Moreno. And, amidst all of this, there are many decorative objects by unknown creators. “I love to look for objects by anonymous designers and artisans. It’s true that there are better-known pieces that have fascinating origin stories and pedigrees, and they are often so beautiful that you can’t help but admire them, but lesser-known pieces can give a home its own personality,” he explains.

One of these anonymous pieces is a traditional Catalan six-legged chair, a design that was also one of Salvador Dalí’s favorites. Alex has reissued it as part of his Galarina project which is bringing timeless designs back on the market. He has incorporated the chair into this project on the north-facing terrace.

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