This 800-Square-Foot West Village Apartment Is a Colorful, Shapeshifting Space

Still, his first memory of that visit isn’t particularly bright. The home was being repainted in a yellowy cream. “My first thought was, Why would they choose such a crusty color?” But the living room was bathed in light and dogwood trees visible outside were bursting with flowers. Surely, it was a sign. “I promptly called the broker and mumbled, ‘I think this is it, tell me it’s still available.’” Of course, it was not. There were two other hopeful applicants. By the time he finished submitting (what felt like) hundreds of DocuSigns that night, he already had a vision for the home.

The dining room isn’t much of a room at all, but rather a corner of the living room that Juan zoned off with a vintage Saarinen Tulip table, some midcentury walnut chairs, and a plant atop a custom pedestal. “It feels like a world unto its own,” muses the designer, who credits the umbrella-like Swiss cheese plant for evoking the spirit of a quiet cocoon. A fuschia framed print by Zoe Bios enlivens the wall, while a yellow rippled canvas sculpture by Gary Jurista adds a touch of whimsy.

Ethan Herrington

The first thing Juan did when he got the keys was paint the walls white, and more specifically Benjamin Moore’s Simply White—a shade not too cold for winter, nor too warm for summer. Because he couldn’t change the layout, he sectioned it off instead, fashioning a dining nook in one corner of the living room. Some things, such as the old casement metal windows in the living room, he embraced as part of the home’s character. “It overlooks a charming courtyard surrounded by the thing I love most about New York: its [various] characters,” Juan laughs. As for the bedroom—the home’s only one—he added a hydraulic bed to optimize space during the day.

“The kitchen is very tiny but very cute. I don’t ever cook, but it’s probably my favorite room of all,” says Juan, who found the floor reminiscent of the haciendas in his native country, Mexico.

Ethan Herrington

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