Tour Drunk Elephant Founder Tiffany Masterson’s Art-Filled Lake Austin Escape

“The deep greens in the house reflect the color of Lake Austin,” says Young. “How could a lake house not take inspiration from the lake?” Above the family room fireplace, an aptly titled folk-style canvas, Summer House With Bird by Irish painter Genieve Figgis, introduces blush and salmon colors that reappear elsewhere in the house, like in Sigmar Polke’s Full Moon in Aries, comprising 40 screen prints and lithographs arranged in the kitchen. Masterson could not deny the portfolio’s lighthearted palette. “The piece has become such a watercooler moment,” says the homeowner of the work. “Every vacation house should have one!”

Ironically, the levity befitting this particular second home is also accomplished underfoot—with sweeping surfaces of white, statement floors that offer grounding. “I wanted the floors to feel really cool and special,” says Young. “Since this isn’t the main residence, you can take a few more risks.” Inspired by the gravitas of the artisan floors at the Menil House, a modernist landmark in Houston, Young began tinkering with tiles. Concrete hexagons in burnished black extend throughout the main floor. In the primary bath, polygonic pieces create an optical illusion of origami bends and folds. And though the family room’s polka-dot floor is black and white, the pattern conjures as much delight as any of the design’s splashier displays of color. “I don’t wear polka dots, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make me happy,” says Masterson.

That said, the “dots” in question are more akin to zoomed-in pixels due to their rigid geometry. In fact, the angular architecture’s only categorically circular counterpoint is the new 30-foot-diameter lakeside pool, built during the three-year renovation, which was completed in 2023. Intentionally absent of decking and outdoor furniture, this summer centerpiece, also lined in deep teal tile to mimic the lake, takes a cultural cue from iconic Austin swimming holes like Barton Springs, where bathers and bobbers bask on a lush lawn in the heart of Texas.

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