What the Year of Girl Decor Means for the Future of Interiors

At the end of the day, the beauty of girl decor is its accessibility in that it can be embraced by anyone. Especially when it comes to bows. “Bows are beautiful, but they are simultaneously quite functional,” Lina says. “Anyone can tie a bow, it’s one of the first knots a child learns, and they’re on everyone’s shoes.” Here’s what’s next for girl decor in 2024.

Rebecca Hessel Cohen’s laundry room features Farrow & Ball paint alongside LoveShackFancy fabrics and bedding.

Photo: Douglas Friedman


Ultrafeminine decor has deep roots in arts and crafts historically associated with women, and needlepoint fits perfectly into that. Lace, crochet, and doilies are already on the rise too. With the aesthetic already so connected to vintage, antique, and secondhand finds, there’s never been a better time than to indulge in needlepoint.

Vintage Needlepoint Floral Pillow

Vintage Framed Needlepoint

Love That Journey Needlepoint Pillow

Nepo Baby Needlepoint Pillow

Leopard Print

Thanks to Y2K nostalgia, leopard print is a forever favorite, but it’s experiencing a surge in popularity in fashion (again) and feels like the perfect match for ultra-pink, bow-decked rooms. It’s a favorite of Hannah, who says she’s “starting to see introductions of pops of cheetah print in accent pieces like chairs, ottomans, and stools.”

Juicy Couture Monica Leopard Reversible Comforter Sets

Eddith Chiffon Semi-Sheer Curtain Pair

Leopard Printed Napkins Set of 4

Tufted Octavia Leopard Rug

Bigger Bows

Despite the claims that bows are dead and pleas that women should stop liking them, they’re still everywhere. And for the ones who have been die-hard bow wearers before the trend exploded a few years ago, they’ll forever be a staple. Kimberly thinks bows are going to get even bigger—and more extreme—as time goes on.

Angels and Cherubs

Leaning more into the over-the-top side of baroque and rococo, cherubs in gilded textures and porcelain feel like another answer to the ultrafeminine depths of girlhood decor. Think candelabras, lamps, or other pieces in the form of textiles like tapestries and pillows.

Pair of Vintage 20th Century Cherub Lamps

MCM Cherub Candleholder Scuplture

Victorian Cherub Floral Wallpaper

Over-the-top Beds

Kimberly considers the decorated bed as key to girl-inspired interiors and even released toile bed sheets with her brand Selkie. Whether you add bows and ribbons or frilly linens, there’s so many ways to style a bed. Canopies, bolster pillows, brass trays, and extremely decorative bed frames (think shell-shaped!) all add personal touches that speak to nostalgia and femininity.

Sheila Bridges Harlem Toile Tray

Monique Lhuillier Rosette Canopy

Pastel Trellis Duvet Cover

Gracia Queen Upholstered Canopy Bed


A personal favorite of Camri, swans go hand-in-hand with the culture of girlhood. They instill visions of ballets and fairytales. Look for swan figurines, tureens, and even lamps. In iridescent whites or glass, they have a magical effect. They pair perfectly with soft pinks and baby blues.

Vintage Sherle Wagner Style Unlacquered Brass Swan Faucet

Vintage Glazed Ceramic Swan Tureen

Design Toscano The Swan of The Lake Garden Statue

Little Glass Objects

Let the ultradelicate and extremely fragile nature of glass inspire your feminine interior. The key is to look for small tchotchkes, which so often have a feeling of antiquity surrounding them. Line your bookcases with them or use them to decorate an entire tablescape.

Pink Depression Glass Swans

1982 Vintage Pink Murano Glass Snails

Mid-Century Cranberry Gold Fleck Fish Figure


The last logical conclusion of girlhood in the form of interiors is dolls. Doll collecting feels like a movement of the past—but visions of dolls stacked in delicate glass cabinets at antique malls or an older person’s home feel like the kind of preciousness that is perfectly distilled into girlishness. Dolls are a natural decor statement since they often need to be displayed. The return of dolls has already started, with people on TikTok showing off their own dolls inspired by the original, ultrarare, incredibly stylized Blythe dolls. If real dolls aren’t for you, you can integrate them into art, figurines or sculptures—vaguely creepy and cute is the essence of girlhood anyway.

Robert Anderson, Doll, Lithograph

Takara Petite Blythe Cherry Berry Fashion Doll

Authentic Rare Blythe Doll

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