Workshop: How to Design for the Modern Workplace

We’re experiencing a work evolution. Hybrid is the future—but even that can look different from one organization to the next. It’s time to ask: Is today’s office design giving employees what they need to do and feel their best?

On November 30 at 1 p.m. ET, interior designers Dani Arps of Artisan, Niya Bascom and Anishka Clarke of Ishka Designs, and Ahmad AbouZanat of ProjectAZ will sit down virtually with AD PRO editor Mel Studach to explore how the realities of our new hybrid and increasingly globally distributed workplace have translated into the world of interior design. Presented in partnership with Zoom, “How to Design for the Modern Workplace” will cover:

  • The design features and floor plans that are necessary for the way teams work today
  • Technology upgrades that make hybrid collaboration more seamless
  • the modern office perks that will help convince employees to make the commute

…and much more! The talk will culminate in the reveal of three Zoom Room integrations, as well as an interactive Q&A. This virtual event is free and open to all. Reserve your spot now.

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