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Blood Justice by Terry J. Benton-Walker


Cristina and Clement Trudeau have conjured the impossible: justice.

They took back their family’s stolen throne to lead New Orleans’ magical community into the brighter future they all deserve.

But when Cris and Clem restored their family power, Valentina Savant lost everything. Her beloved grandparents are gone and her sovereignty has been revoked—she will never be Queen. Unless, of course, someone dethrones the Trudeaus again. And lucky for her, she’s not the only one trying to take them down.

Cris and Clem have enemies coming at them from all directions: Hateful anti-magic protesters sabotage their reign at every turn. A ruthless detective with a personal vendetta against magical crime is hot on their tail just as Cris has discovered her thirst for revenge. And a brutal god, hunting from the shadows, is summoned by the very power Clem needs to protect the boy he loves.

Cris’s hunger for vengeance and Clem’s desire for love could prove to be their family’s downfall, all while new murders, shocking disappearances, and impossible alliances are changing the game forever.

Welcome back to New Orleans, where gods walk among us and justice isn’t served, it’s taken.

Expected publication April 23, 2024




This is a book two, so there are spoilers below for book one.

I actually liked this one more than the first book.

The story is told in mostly three points of view. We get povs from Cris, Clem, and Valentina. Clem is still trying to find a way to restore Yves’s soul. Cris is getting angrier and finds herself getting revenge on people who have wronged her family. She takes it way further than she planned, but she also finds that she doesn’t feel any guilt for it. Valentina is still grieving, but she’s also working on revenge for Cris and her whole family. She wants to be queen and doesn’t believe Cris and Clem’s mom is the right person. She hates what they did to her grandparents and they never found her grandma’s head. There is a god that no one ever talks about anymore, but he is all about blood justice and revenge. Cris starts hearing things and feels like someone is there with her when she does bad things. Clem is dealing with his own god issues. Yves’s sister goes missing and there are murders happening to prominent people in the city. There are anti magic groups going after magic users. There are challenges everywhere for all the families. The ending was unexpected and I’m looking forward to reading book three.

I gave this book 4 stars (close to 4 1/2 for me).

Thank you to Edelweiss for my earc.


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