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Tell Me No Lies by Andrea Contos


Riverdale meets Gone Girl in a shocking thriller about two sisters whose bond is tested when one girl’s boyfriend goes missing… and her sister is the primary suspect.

Nora and Sophie Linden may be sisters, but they’re not friends. Not since the party last month. Not since the night Sophie’s boyfriend, Garrett, disappeared. Half the town thinks Garrett is dead, the other half believes he ran away, but Sophie knows something no one else does — Garrett left that party with Nora. And straight-A, Ivy-league-bound Nora had never been to a single party before that night.

Then Nora withdraws, barely coming home anymore, right when Sophie starts receiving messages from someone who claims to be Garrett, promising revenge — for what happened to him that night, and for the lies both girls told to the police about it.

With the sisters’ futures — and lives — in jeopardy, they’ll have to decide whether to trust each other again, or risk their secrets leading them to their graves.




I really enjoyed how this book really ended up being about sisters and how they will do anything for each other. As an only child, I can only assume that many sibling relationships are like that.

The book goes back and forth in time with Nora and Sophie. Nora and Sophie both end up investigating Garrett’s disappeance, but for different reasons. After a party a month after Garrett goes missing, Sophie finds a note from him in her bag. And she finds a bloody necklace in her car. She gets help from Jude, a boy she didn’t know before that night. She has her two best friends that she trusts, but Sophie finds herself deep into what Nora was looking into. It started out with Garrett copying Nora’s paper and treatening her Brown addmitance. But it got so much deeper and so much more dangerous. Both girls risk their lives to find out the truth of everything that happened.

I gave this book 4 stars.


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